Holcombe, Malcolm: Far Cry from Here

Malcolm Holcombe: Far Cry from Here
Title: Far Cry from Here
Artist: Holcombe, Malcolm
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 829112000124
Genre: Folk

Malcolm is an original songwriter. He seems to channel, as much as write them. Written in his own unique voice and style, they form somewhere in his consciousness and seek release in a song. As much a poet as songwriter, his songs are an experience. They sometimes reach you in a place weren't aware existed, or where you didn't know there was any feeling. There are very few artists in the world who are truly original. Malcolm Holcombe is an original.

1.1 No Danger Lifting Me
1.2 Who's Got the Time
1.3 Back in '29
1.4 A Long Way's This Mornin'
1.5 Spinnin' Roll on
1.6 Anna Rubyanne
1.7 Oh Precious Cargo
1.8 One Room at Night
1.9 Justice in a Cradle
1.10 Ev'ry Honest Word
1.11 Teachin' Michael Anthony
1.12 A Far Cry from Here

Holcombe, Malcolm: Far Cry from Here


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