Becker, Ze Paulo: Todo Mundo Quer Amar

Marcos Sacramento: Todo Mundo Quer Amar
Title: Todo Mundo Quer Amar
Artist: Becker, Ze Paulo
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 7898538180065
Genre: Rock, Brazilian

Todo mundo quer amar (Everybody wants to love), an album that celebrates partnerships. Songs born by the hands of Zé Paulo Becker and the pen of Paulo César Pinheiro to get life with the guitar of Zé Paulo and the voice of Marcos Sacramento. Three references of Brazilian culture forming a trio of great - and multiple - talents. Original Zé Paulo's idea was to record some new compositions to be made available on the Internet. A homemade production, he immediately thought of Sacramento´s voice and the invitation was promptly accepted. The initial selection done by them both had a strong common character: all the selected songs had lyrics signed by Paulo César Pinheiro. Thus the idea of recording a new album was born. Love songs. All 14 songs talk about love and it's hues in different tones. This universal theme is a fertile soil for the skilled songwriter to fancy new poetry. And they turn up in free forms of samba and it's downgrades. "Listen to the samba, come to the samba, get in the samba, come!", they invite straight away with intimacy and property. These credentials are well known by the three of them, they are at home. Either with the arrangements that put together a whole popular orchestra or with the intimacy of voice, guitar and piano. Marcos Sacramento is well known as interpreter of several samba compositions, though his repertoire is extensive and includes songs of many Brazilian styles. A guitar virtuoso, Zé Paulo Becker was caught by the language of Brazilian popular music while he planned to devote himself to a classical repertoire. Paulo César Pinheiro is a born poet, a compulsive composer who has nowadays one of the biggest - and best - collections of contemporary Brazilian music lyrics. The team invited to join and perform these arrangements is up to any champions' one. Besides to Zé Paulo Becker himself (acoustic guitar and arrangements), it also includes Rogério Caetano on the 7-string guitar, Leandro Braga on the piano, Bebê Kramer on the accordion, Márcio Almeida and Luciana Rabello alternating the cavaquinho. The wind section brings together Humberto Araújo, Fabiano Segalote, José Arimatéa, Silvério Pontes and Rui Alvin. The swing is up to Pedro Aune on the double bass and Flavinho Miúdo, Bernardo Aguiar, Paulino Dias and Marcelinho Moreira on percussion. Todo mundo quer amar brings the popular samba in it's sophisticated lineage. The precise poetry of Paulo César, the elegant guitar of Zé Paulo and the outstanding interpretation of Sacramento: a flawless meeting, beyond any doubt. "Guy with a swing and girl with a loose hip / (in the samba) everybody stops to see". We dance together. By Beto Feitosa.

1.1 A Gente Samba
1.2 Remendo
1.3 Dois Lados
1.4 Coisa Fugaz
1.5 De Madrugada
1.6 Coisa de Amador
1.7 Sem Rumo
1.8 Quem Ama
1.9 No Clube Democr Ticos
1.10 Temperamento
1.11 Conforma O
1.12 Gota de Ouro
1.13 Sistema
1.14 Conv S

Becker, Ze Paulo: Todo Mundo Quer Amar


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