Iranzi, Mariana: Aventura Collage

Mariana Iranzi: Aventura Collage
Title: Aventura Collage
Artist: Iranzi, Mariana
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 884501076302
Genre: Children's

"Mariana Iranzi's first album for kids is an amazing amalgamation of influences that translates beautifully into the playful, lively Aventura Collage." "Inventive and entertaining, Aventura Collage is a welcome addition to the kids' music world." -Warren Truitt, Kids' Music that Rocks "An enjoyable listening journey with a lovely voice and great music." -Deborah Young, A to Z Kids' Stuff "Fifteen folksy, mostly songs in Spanish that lose nothing in the non-translation. Fun sing-alongs for little ones." -John Wood, "That the lyrics are mostly in Spanish is merely incidental. Iranzi's eclectic celebration of all things musical-reggae, jazz, even electronica-is a party, not a language lesson." -Christopher Healey, Cookie Magazine "To label Mariana Irani's foray into kids' music as simply a Spanish educational album would not only undermine the brilliance of Aventura Collage, but also the talent of this accomplished musician and composer." "...Aventura Collage is a disc that needs to be in your children's music collection." -Dave Loftin, Chattanooga Parent Magazine "This disc is a joy for all ages. Unless you speak Spanish, you won't even realize it's a children's album." -Phil Corless, A Family Runs Through It "...el disco tiene impronta de fiesta, es muy fácil de disfrutar y corre el riesgo de repetirlo una y otra vez. CD indispensable para cualquier niño y adulto con buen oído.' -Christian Hinojosa, El Mundo Newspaper.

1.1 Pajaro Carpintero [Woodpecker]
1.2 Caballito [Horsey]
1.3 Bluseando [I've Got the Blues]
1.4 San Nicolas [A Journey to Sannicolas]
1.5 Vieja Cachivache [Knick-Knackold Lady]
1.6 Cuidemos Al Planeta [Let's Save the Planet]
1.7 Jirafa Bacana [The Spoiled Giraffe]
1.8 Abra Cadabra
1.9 Todos los Ni�Os Del Mundo [All the Children in the World]
1.10 Patito Feo [The Ugly Duckling]
1.11 Contamos Hasta 10? [The Numbers' Song]
1.12 Milonga Temprana [Early Milonga]
1.13 Fieston [A Healthy Party]
1.14 Buenas Noches [Good Night]
1.15 Sue�O de Una Noche de Verano [A Midsummer's Night Dream]

Iranzi, Mariana: Aventura Collage


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