Cullen, Mark: Indigo Moon

Mark Cullen: Indigo Moon
Title: Indigo Moon
Label: CD Baby

The making of Indigo Moon..... I wish I could say that this album began with a concept. That would sound really cool and artsy but in truth the only real concept I ever had was I wanted to do another album. And so it began. With the exception of one song, all the music was written as the album progressed. That seems to be the best creative mode for me. The songs still only come when they want to - not necessarily when I want them to. And since I'm the guy wearing most of the hats (songwriter, musician, recording engineer, and producer along with Aleksandra), the process is at times tediously slower than I would prefer. But also tremendously rewarding. Once a song is born, I literally live with it for weeks at a time experimenting and probing to find all the little emotional nuances it has to offer. In this process of writing/recording I usually hear the other instrument parts in my mind as the song is being written but that doesn't mean they always end up being the same on the recording. Sometimes they just don't work out. Either the parts don't sound the same in reality as they did in my head or I find that my musical imagination has exceeded my physical limitations. Big surprise there, huh? The beautiful part of it is each time I pick up a different instrument to add to the mix, it's like learning the song all over again but from an entirely new perspective - and the process begins anew. I can't begin to tell you what a cool experience that is. In that way the song remains fresh for me until it's all the way to the post-production stage. And in many cases the songs have become even more than I originally imagined. It really is almost like they came from somewhere else and I'm just a spectator. Of course, once I get to the post-production part, I again begin to see it all from a yet another brand new perspective - the album as a whole. I have to admit that sometimes as I'm EQ-ing, tweaking and listening, I just shake my head in wonder and think 'wow, did I really do that?' The actual inspiration for the songs come from a variety of sources but mostly just life in general. Again, not very profound but it's the truth. I read once that you should only write about what you know. Okay, so I take it a little further sometimes and write about what I imagine I know. Maybe the guy was just referring to novelists and not songwriters? It's kind of funny, though, that life's simplest or most mundane situations at times trigger a thought that eventually blooms into a song. I'm not quite sure how it happens - I'm just happy that it happens at all. And so it was with Indigo Moon. I suppose at this point I could regale you with my life story but that's already on the page for my last album 'In The Moment' here at CD Baby. I know, I know - it appears that 'Euphonious Corpus was my last album but that album was actually recorded first. I just re-released it after the heartwarming response to 'In The Moment'. Confused yet? I'll just wrap this up by saying that I'm really flattered you stopped by and read this far. It means more to me than you know. The support and encouragement I've received from so many people just like you gives me the strength and inspiration to continue doing what I love - making music. If you have a moment, do email me. (The link is over in the left-hand column) I love meeting people and making new friends. So with that said....from my heart to yours - THANK YOU! You ROCK! Mark.

1.1 (You Can't Always) Believe Your Eyes
1.2 Out of Nowhere
1.3 Indigo Moon
1.4 Divided We Stand
1.5 If You Don't Like the Weather
1.6 Working Man's Day
1.7 World Away
1.8 Through the Lightyears
1.9 High School Reunion
1.10 Believe Your Eyes (Fanfare)
1.11 Indigo Moon (Extended Version)

Cullen, Mark: Indigo Moon

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