Gilston, Mark: Troll Road

Mark Gilston: Troll Road
Title: Troll Road
Label: CD Baby

Mark Gilston has been performing traditional folk music for over thirty years. His vast repertoire encompasses songs and instrumentals from North America and most of Europe, particularly the British Isles, Scandinavia, and the Balkans. His performances are laced with humor and a wide base of eclectic knowledge. Mark, an award-winning mountain dulcimer player (first place, 2004 Oklahoma State Mountain Dulcimer Championship), also plays concertina, guitar, banjo, Bulgarian bagpipes, pennywhistle, ocarina, tambura, and others. He has given concerts at numerous colleges, clubs and coffee houses throughout the United States as well as England and Canada and has been a featured performer and workshop leader for various folk music societies including the New York Pinewoods Folk Music Club and the Folk Song Society of Greater Washington as well as groups abroad. He is currently performing music and living in Austin, Texas.

1.1 Ganglat Efter Olle Gustafson-Solne
1.2 Slangpolska Fran Enanger
1.3 Brudmarsch Fran Leksands
1.4 Polska Efter Back Far
1.5 Skanklat Fran Dalarna
1.6 Byggna'n
1.7 Barkbrodslater
1.8 Troll Road
1.9 Skinbracka Med Lukku
1.10 Trollspolska
1.11 Tom's Tune
1.12 Schottis Fran Lindome
1.13 Polska Fran Malung Efter Sjungar Lars
1.14 March from Western Dalarna
1.15 Schottis Fran Binsjo
1.16 Senpolska Fran Stode
1.17 Vandringen I Varlden
1.18 Springleik Etter Ola Asen
1.19 Polska Fran Follinge (Gammelvanster)
1.20 Lekken Has Jo
1.21 Troll Ring
1.22 Gammelvanster Fran Oviken

Gilston, Mark: Troll Road

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