Scheer, Mark / Five Star Dive: All the Time in the World

Mark Scheer & Five Star Dive: All the Time in the World
Title: All the Time in the World
Label: CD Baby

\'Mark Scheer & Five Star Dive tap into the mood and sound of the Faces and Rolling Stones circa the 1970\'s...there is a bluesy intoxicating quality to the songs\' Rege Behe... Pittsburgh Tribune Review \'This very loose organic sounding record is chock full of Keef and Woody-like riffs...Excellent\'! Ray Gianchetti...Kool Kat Musik \'Mark Scheer & Five Star Dive harks back to the early era of Wilco with guitar driven alt-country rockers, both rowdy and warm\' Scott Mervis...Pittsburgh Post Gazette \'This release has a defined band feel and is the sound of a bunch of guys hanging out and writing good \'ole rock \'n roll songs with a laid back beer buzz and it\'s easy to get pulled into the spirit\' Bruce Brodeen...President Not Lame Records The following is from Chief Editor of Peachfuzz Interviews, Bill Cashen: When I first saw Mark Scheer & Five Star Dive, they were headlining a bill of 3 bands in a dank, sweaty underground club. As they filed onto the stage one by one with drinks in hand, I could tell these boys subscribed to the belief \'You can be ugly in rock and roll, but you can\'t be fat\'. But as they kicked into the first song, there was nothing slim about the performance. Singer, Mark Scheer, belted out vocals and gyrated about the stage with an energy usually associated with Sir Mick! Guitarist, Vinnie Q, skanked and riffed on a beat up Tele Deluxe while constantly dragging on a ciggie and hiding behind a mischievous smile that made you wonder what he was up to back stage. Playing a Gibson SG, Darryl Thumm, stood stone cold still like a hippy mannequin. If you didn\'t notice him, you certainly heard his solos and beautiful slide playing. On drums and bass, Mike Oncea and Rocky Lamonde, respectively, laid down a solid pounding foundation with an organic feel. I purchased their album, \'All The Time In The World\' and loved it, first spin! Highlights definitely include the horn accented \'Betrayed\' ( You can almost smell the smoke and taste the bourbon on this one). The wonderfully idiosyncratic \'Harvest Time\' weds country-western music with Bavarian beer-hall dance rhythm. \'Derail Yourself\' summons thoughts of the Stones in their \'Exile on Main Street\' period. While \'Last Train\' has a bit of a Rod Stewart/Faces feel to it. These boys defintely grew up listening to the right music. A great live band. The band is genuinely having fun on stage, cracking jokes between songs and they make the audience feel they are part of the fun. But if you can\'t find these guys playing in your town, you know that they can still be found, right here on this record, spinning round...with the sounds. Cheers, Bill Cashen.

1.1 Heart's Loaded Again
1.2 Garage Sale
1.3 Derail Yourself
1.4 This Thing
1.5 Betrayed
1.6 Be Home Late
1.7 In Her Heart
1.8 Last Train
1.9 One Bullet
1.10 Harvest Time

Scheer, Mark / Five Star Dive: All the Time in the World

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