Monotonix: Not Yet

Monotonix: Not Yet
Title: Not Yet
Label: Drag City
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2011 release from the Israeli Garage Rock outfit. Not Yet, the second Monotonix full-length album, focuses the band's energy like a beam, searing away everything extraneous, leaving only the essentials. Monotonix are kicking it with pure, slamming rawness from start to finish on Not Yet, with short and fast songs, direct to the point; Yonatan's riffs, doubled up and driving forward, Haggal rattling jaws with blow after blow on the kit as Ami sings and screams of you and me, of the thrill and dismay of too much, of action and release, his voice almost swallowed in the din but cutting through with the rigor of a scalpel and the fury of a fanatic. These enhancements are due in some degree to Monotonix recording with Steve Albini.

1.1 Nasty Fancy
1.2 Everything That I See
1.3 Before I Pass Away
1.4 Blind Again
1.5 Fun Fun Fun
1.6 Give Me More
1.7 You and Me
1.8 Try Try Try
1.9 Late Night
1.10 Never Died Before

Monotonix: Not Yet

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