Naomi: Life Lives

Naomi: Life Lives
Title: Life Lives
Artist: Naomi
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 837101084970
Genre: Rock

'A big factor in Naomi's favor is her voice-one of those taunting, sultry coos that sounds like innocence and naughtiness sharing the same sleeping bag.' --Damon Orion, Good Times Weekly, Santa Cruz, CA 'With a winsome voice that fools you into assuming she's a delicate little flower, Naomi uses her CD Life Lives to affirm a relentless positive vibe in the face of life's many travails.' --Todd Beemis, 'Personal, evocative, [with a] natural vocal timbre.' --TAXI, The World's Leading Independent A&R Company 'Naomi makes a gutsy move and starts to scat...not only is she one of the only contemporary artists that can pull this off, but she does it well...very well.' --John Shelton Ivany's Top 21 Reviews (Voted 'new album of the week') ASCAP-awarded for her talents in songwriting, Naomi makes music that has the ability to reach out beyond borders and bridge the gaps we sometimes feel between each other, ourselves, and our natural world. Her vocals are strong and sweet, her style is eclectic, and her music is upbeat and inspiring. Her focus has always been on learning and her debut album, LIFE LIVES, is testament to her spirit.

1.1 Sigh at the Sky
1.2 Fuck It
1.3 Inside the Mirror
1.4 New Time
1.5 Falling
1.6 Come on Over
1.7 Road to Salvation
1.8 Forgive Me Jah
1.9 For Us
1.10 Crazy By Now
1.11 Don't Leave (Too Soon)
1.12 Happy Family

Naomi: Life Lives


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