Nu Vintage: Vibrations In Color

Title: Vibrations In Color
Artist: Nu Vintage
Label: Cold Busted
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 636339648561
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop

Bay Area beatmaker Nu Vintage has signed on with Cold Busted to transmit Vibrations In Color, a 14-track album displaying the many moods and hues of this multifaceted producer. Nu Vintage is known for his many Bandcamp digital 'beat tapes' as well as releases on Inner Ocean and Dezi-Belle Records. He builds on these past accomplishments to construct the new album, expanding the shades from his heady rhythm-jazz palette to new dynamic points in the spectrum. Vibrations In Color sonically glistens with a muted neon glow to accompany a slow midnight cruise through the naked city. "Good Company" encapsulates the nature of Nu Vintage, with dusty beats, melodic piano chimes, and the interplay between vibraphone, organ, and distant strings all making the case. The feel is warmly nostalgic as, faintly underneath the music, one hears what sounds like kids playing on a summer day. The song title "Gratitude Is Key" might give a clue to Nu Vintage's mindset, and bright, echoey vibes tingle alongside flute riffs and guitar hits for maximum listening satisfaction. Nu Vintage also enlists a couple of friends, including Emapea, who co-produces the vintage jazz timewarp tune "Horizons." This one's the sound of fusing a smokey jazz joint of yesterday with a modern beathead lounge. And multi-instrumentalist Pat Van Dyke returns to Nu Vintage's side for a spacey but uplifting jaunt called "Tap In." Sweetly pulsating Fender Rhodes piano and funk guitar join the vibraphone and organ sounds that epitomize the album, while tight drums and an uplifting bass line toughen the action. Those are just a few of the highlights found on Nu Vintage's Vibrations In Color - saturate yourself in all these colors and feel the vibrations within.

1.1 Fresh
1.2 Gratitude Is Key
1.3 Horizons (feat. Emapea)
1.4 Breezin
1.5 Pura Vida
1.6 Good Company
1.7 Finesse
1.8 City Life
1.9 Tap In (Feat. Pat Van Dyke)
1.10 Unwind
1.11 This and That
1.12 Live With The Vibe
1.13 Neighborhood
1.14 Tribute

Nu Vintage: Vibrations In Color

Product-type:VINYL LP

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