Pat Sajak Assassins: Thigh Master

Pat Sajak Assassins: Thigh Master
Title: Thigh Master
Label: CD Baby

Electronic musician Eric Hall described The Pat Sajak Assassins' music in this way: "Say something real fast three times, then say it four times at a good pace, then pause for a quarter of the time it took you to say it, then say it just the first half, again, pause, again, again, now say it slow, slower still, now stop." The eclectic, multi-paced, multi-styled, multi-layered compositions of this investigational progressive rock group take their cues from a variety of influences, spanning from jazz to punk, metal, melodic, psychedelic and progressive rock. Specific band influences include Tortoise, King Crimson, Brian Eno, and Mr. Bungle. Their current style is a result of a progressive evolution and flirts with the mainstream, giving it broad appeal. Having opened for bands with a vast span of styles, from the hard-jabbing calculated math rock of Battles, to the more mellow soundtrack grooves of El Ten Eleven, the myriad of niche crowds find their own desirable elements in The PSA's miscellaneous pieces. With future tours on tap, the group expects to expand it's audience in the future.

1.1 Droppin' Robo @ the Trop
1.2 Unemploy'd Gov'ment Cheez Whiz
1.3 How's My Driving?
1.4 Clumbsie
1.5 Laika the Dog
1.6 Crumbly

Pat Sajak Assassins: Thigh Master

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