Paul McCartney: The Beat Bugs: Best Of Season 1 & 2

Paul McCartney: The Beat Bugs: Best Of Season 1 & 2
Artist: Paul McCartney
Title: The Beat Bugs: Best Of Season 1 & 2

2016 release. Season 1 of the acclaimed new Netflix children's show Beat Bugs has been a runaway success. This collection is a "best of" of the first season as well as tracks from the anticipated second season which will be airing in mid-November. The collection features all of the guest artist tracks, including artists like: Sia, Eddie Vedder, James Bay, P!nk, Rod Stewart, Of Monsters and Men, Aloe Blacc amongst others, as well as classic Beatle's titles performed by the cast.

1.1 Magical Mystery Tour the Beat Bugs, Eddie Vedder -John Lennon - 02:35
1.2 Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds the Beat Bugs, P!NK 03:45
1.3 All You Need Is Love the Beat Bugs 03:10
1.4 Blackbird the Beat Bugs, Sia 02:32
1.5 Good Day Sunshine the Beat Bugs, Robbie Williams 01:58
1.6 SGT. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band the Beat Bugs, Rod Stewart 02:36
1.7 Hey Bulldog the Beat Bugs, James Bay 03:16
1.8 And Your Bird Can Sing the Beat Bugs, Regina Spektor 02:29
1.9 Honey Pie the Beat Bugs, Wesley Schultz 02:00
1.10 I'm a Loser the Beat Bugs, James Corden 02:45
1.11 The Word the Beat Bugs, the Shins 02:36
1.12 Drive My Car the Beat Bugs, Chris Cornell 02:28
1.13 I'm Happy Just to Dance with You the Beat Bugs, Tori Kelly 02:21
1.14 Rain the Beat Bugs, Aloe Blacc 03:13
1.15 In My Life the Beat Bugs, Frances 02:25
1.16 Eleanor Rigby the Beat Bugs, of Monsters and Men 02:25
1.17 I'll Follow the Sun the Beat Bugs, Jennifer Hudson 02:11
1.18 Come Together the Beat Bugs -Paul McCartney - 03:21
1.19 Birthday the Beat Bugs -John Lennon - 02:41
1.20 Across the Universe the Beat Bugs -John Lennon / Paul McCartney - 04:27
1.21 Yellow Submarine the Beat Bugs -John Lennon - 02:42

Paul McCartney: The Beat Bugs: Best Of Season 1 & 2


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