Robbins, Pete: Centric

Pete Robbins: Centric
Title: Centric
Artist: Robbins, Pete
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 600665771620
Genre: Jazz

VILLAGE VOICE: FEATURED JAZZ PICK - FALL, 2004 VILLAGE VOICE: PICK / JAZZ SUPPLEMENT - SUMMER, 2005 'As a horn player Robbins has liquid timbre that can remind just how pretty modern jazz can be. ' (Jim Macnie - The Village Voice) '...the vision and individuality of Pete Robbins ... continues to show that jazz is alive and well in the new millennia.' (Mark F. Turner, '[Robbins has] a cool tone and a thoughtfully off-kilter sensibility.' (Nate Chinen, New York Times) 'This guy rules. ... He's already amassed a ballpark-sized fan base. ... There's no telling where he'll go.' 'Robbins leads the group with unsentimental emotion and amorphous harmony.' (Dan King, The Village Voice) 'Deserves more attention. ... Both cerebral and funky.' (Hank Shteamer - Time Out New York) '...a welcome presence on the creative music scene. ... Robbins displays a keen imagination and a rousing command of his horn.' (David Adler, All About Jazz - New York) 'Original and innovative. ... Robbins is a powerhouse of a talent. ... [His] original compositions reflect a highly creative mind at work.' (Lee Prosser, 'Pete can become a force. A real force. He's confident enough not to do what others might tell him.' (Paul Bley)

1.1 Centric
1.2 Screwgun
1.3 Reach
1.4 Somnambulist
1.5 Swimthere
1.6 Hone
1.7 Geist
1.8 Theme from

Robbins, Pete: Centric


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