Wilkerson, Phillip: Wilkerson, Phillip : Early Works

Phillip Wilkerson: Wilkerson, Phillip : Early Works
Title: Wilkerson, Phillip : Early Works
Label: CD Baby

These tracks were originally composed between 2005-2007. They were remastered Jan-Feb 2009 for this CD. They were compiled here because they represent my earliest efforts at creating ambient music, and because, in many ways, they remain among my best. Certainly, among my listeners, they remain among their top favorites. This collection is dedicated to those early listeners, as a way of saying thank-you, for all their encouragement and feedback. Phil Derby at Electroambient Space says: 'Phillip Wilkerson's sophomore release is a collection of recordings from 2005-2007 dedicated to his early listeners. "Warm Air" is a smooth, pleasant way to draw the listener in quickly before moving into some longer ambient pieces. "The Adagio for Dreamers" showcases Wilkerson's ethereal, minimalist approach to ambient, shimmering brightly as usual. I like how his music has a positive, relaxing mood without being the least bit sentimental or sweet, steering clear of the pitfalls of new age. "Nightwatchers One" is more delicate still, nearly 15 minutes of warm ambient bliss. "Four A.M." is a quiet piece with a sparse lead instrument that sounds like piano enhanced in some way, augmented by a delicate female choir in the background. "The Stillness of Time" fills the air with chirping birds and other outdoor sounds, the synths almost an afterthought to the environmental noises. Budd and Eno come to mind on "Untitled (April 13 2007)", with simple piano and atmospheric textures, a truly beautiful piece. The bright shimmers of "One Night of Joy" bring the disc to a peaceful close. Highly recommended'

1.1 Warm Air
1.2 The Adagio for Dreamers
1.3 Nightwatchers I
1.4 Four A.M
1.5 The Stillness of Time
1.6 Untitled (April 13 2007)
1.7 One Night of Joy

Wilkerson, Phillip: Wilkerson, Phillip : Early Works

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