Piazzolla / Roffi / Stella: Tutto Tango: Live in Rome

Piazzolla / Roffi / Stella: Tutto Tango: Live in Rome
Title: Tutto Tango: Live in Rome
Label: Continuo Records

With his accordion on his shoulder, Pietro Roffi has traveled the world. From Valmontone, a small town near Rome, where he grew up and lives, he traveled to Beijing, London, Buenos Aires, Bucharest, Melbourne and many other cites. Born in 1992, he has won over fifteen national and international competitions in the modern genre, including the third prize at the Accordion World Trophy and the first prize at the International Competition of Castefidardo. Alessandro Stella has firmly established as one of the leading pianists of the Italian scene. His interest in developing original projects led him to meet composers such as Giacinto Scelsi and, more recently, Giya Kancheli. Distinguished contemporary composers such as Carlo Boccadoro, Sergio Calligaris, Nicola Campogrande, and Daniel Matrone have written and dedicated to him important works that he performed, and also recorded as world premieres. The present release is a live recording from a concert that took place in Rome, and features works by Astor Piazzolla.


Piazzolla / Roffi / Stella: Tutto Tango: Live in Rome

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