Picapica: Together & Apart

Picapica: Together & Apart
Title: Together & Apart
Label: Rough Trade Us
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Picapica's debut album Together & Apart was recorded at the end of 2018 and is helmed by Mobo/Mercury nominated producer Sonny Johns who also plays bass on the record. Together & Apart is about health and heartache, spring and shade, love and loss and life, Picapica are able to balance life's joys and sorrows beautifully, effortlessly, and in continuous harmony, viewing life's colored photographs as imagined through their silvery negatives.

1.1 Together ; Apart
1.2 On the Wing
1.3 Cast in Stone
1.4 Family, Friends ; Lovers
1.5 Sucker Punch
1.6 Teeth ; Chin
1.7 Opposite Song
2.1 Seesaw
2.2 Village Kids
2.3 To K(No)W One
2.4 Day to Day Parade
2.5 The Weather
2.6 Stones

Picapica: Together & Apart

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