Planningtorock: w

Planningtorock: w
Title: w
Label: Dfa Records

2011 release from London-born/Berlin based musician Janine Rostron AKA Planningtorock. One doesn't hear a record like W very often, that's for sure, just as one seldom encounters an artist like Planningtorock's Janine Rostron. In the grip of W's melodrama and uncommon beauty, suddenly all those clichés make sense: this album stops listeners in their tracks, blows their minds and makes them feel alive. W is melancholy and euphoric, epic in scale yet deeply personal, strikingly alien but weirdly familiar, and always daring and original.

1.1 Doorway
1.2 The One
1.3 Going Wrong
1.4 Manifesto
1.5 I Am Your Man
1.6 The Breaks
1.7 Living It Out
1.8 Milky Blau
1.9 Jam
1.10 Black Thunder
1.11 Janine
1.12 9

Planningtorock: w


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