Point of View: Our Message

Point of View: Our Message
Title: Our Message
Artist: Point of View
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 837101422932
Genre: Jazz

'OUR MESSAGE' is a creative Collaboration created by Ray Vas as 'A Point of View'. All songs feature Male Vocals, except 'Sky's the Limit', which is a Jazz, Samba Feature for the Instrumentalists. ----- Briefly, the music styles on this CD explore Bossa nova, Samba, Reggae, Rock, Jazz and Ballad styles of Music. With a nod to 'Carlos Antonio Jobim', TIME WISE explores the gentle Bossa Nova, South American style with a Male Vocal and suave, latin rhythms. The Title Track, 'OUR MESSAGE' explores the African Style of World Beat made popular by Paul Simon, with Lady Smith Black Mambazo. The pulsating 6/8 rhythms and thoughtful Lyrics remind us all to be attentive to the World Condition. Love Story is not to be confused with the Movie from years ago. Guitars and Drums are blazing on this Rock track which points out the importance of Love and Honesty in Relationships. Ahh, the Reggae world beat on 'LOVE YOUR CHILDREN', will make you smile and dance. Love your Children' says it all...with a world groove. 'Could you Hurry' departs from World beat for a 'Waltz alternating with Two beat' novelty, almost broadway/cabaret style song with 'tight harmony' background singers supporting the Male Vocal. ...and the Ballads are thoughtful, inspirational and reflective. Listen to 'Mr Hoodman', 'I need to Know' and 'When you Fall' to see how the poetic messages and musical accompaniment combine for a dramatic musical experience. 'A point of View' is our Melodic, Poetic and Entertaining point of view on human, national, world, and personal issues.

1.1 Time Wise
1.2 Our Message
1.3 When You Fall
1.4 Love Story
1.5 Mr Hoodman
1.6 Love Your Children
1.7 Could You Hurry
1.8 Sky's the Limit
1.9 I Need to Know

Point of View: Our Message


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