Professor Porkchop: U R My Everything

Professor Porkchop: U R My Everything
Title: U R My Everything
Label: CD Baby

The title track, for instance, is this tasty gumbo of styles: An urbane Steely Dan-ish cadence and this growling guitar burnish Porkchop's confidential, heartfelt lyric. Even the professor's turn on the organ works like a combo plate: Gurgling, then propulsive, he slashes like Jimmy Smith and then grooves like Richard Holmes. 'Blame It On The Moon' stirs white and black gospel into the base of Americana to make a soulful hymn to placing proper responsibility. Drummer Brady Blade, sonically unadorned throughout the recording, punches the time. 'Move to New Orleans' is a street drag march about living the lowlife. 'Sprague Street Rag' is all Jelly Roll MortonJelly Roll Morton on the street where the whinin' boy lives. The instrumental 'Puerto Rico Hotel' summons the spirit of Louis Moreau Gottschalk from his Brooklyn grave to play electric piano to the Caribbean humidity of the music. Guitarist Jason Coffield and Porkchop tangle with a spooky riff on "Junkie for Your Love," before bassist Rick Willis and drummer Danyelle Bryant settle into a shambolic, twilight-filled rhythm. The lip-smacking "Roll With Me Baby" is made complete by George Hancock's rollicking sax. Elsewhere, Porkchop and Co. Stamp through the second-line shout "Move to New Orleans," with Brady Blade's undulating rhythm setting a festive atmosphere for a series of chicken-picking flourishes by Coffield.

1.1 U R My Everything
1.2 Blame It on the Moon
1.3 Move to New Orleans
1.4 Sprague Street Rag
1.5 Early in the Morning
1.6 Junkie for Your Love
1.7 Puerto Rican Hotel
1.8 Roll with My Baby
1.9 Knock Me a Kiss
1.10 Can't Stop Thinkin'
1.11 I'm Gone

Professor Porkchop: U R My Everything

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