Raul Malo: After Hours

Raul Malo: After Hours
Title: After Hours
Label: New Door Records

As the lead singer of the successful country music group the Mavericks, Ralo Malo brought his Latin roots, Country rhythm and bits of rock n' roll into the mix. He has since pursued a solo career which encompasses numerous genres of music, ranging from beautiful ballads to up-tempo tunes, slipping in and out of various rhythms, crossing cultures and blurring musical boundaries. AFTER HOURS is the type of album that Ralo Malo wanted to make ever since he started in the music business. His feeling is that a good song can be interpreted in any number of ways and country music has some of the most beautiful melodies and lyrics ever recorded. In this collection he wanted to offer different interpretations of some very 'classic' country songs and record them with the sound of 'live' musicians in the studio in the way that some of his favorite records of the 50s and 60s were recorded. Therefore, every song on the CD was recorded 'live' and for the most part, simultaneously. It's an album that he enjoyed making.

1.1 Welcome to My World (John Hathcock-Ray Winkler)
1.2 (Now and Then There's) a Fool Such As I (William Trader)
1.3 For the Good Times (Kris Kristofferson)
1.4 Pocket of a Clown (Dwight Yoakam)
1.5 Crying Time (Buck Owens)
1.6 Cold, Cold Heart (Hank Williams)
1.7 You Can Depend on Me (Charles Carpenter-Louis Dunlap-Earl Hines)
1.8 Husbands and Wives (Roger Miller)
1.9 It Only Hurts Me When I Cry (Dwight Yoakam-Roger Miller)
1.10 Take These Chains from My Heart (Hy Heath-Fred Rose)

Raul Malo: After Hours

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