Rebecca: Ahavah Rabah-With Deep Love

Rebecca: Ahavah Rabah-With Deep Love
Title: Ahavah Rabah-With Deep Love
Artist: Rebecca
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 837101102254
Genre: International, Japanese

'Ahavah Rabah - with deep love' contains new melodies for prayers as well as some original lyrics. Rebecca is a steadfast believer in the power of prayer through music. She writes songs not only for the listeners' pleasure, but to allow people to be spiritually moved and sing along. It's so much easier to learn prayers when they're sung, and this album includes all the Hebrew transliteration as well as English translations. 'Ahavah Rabah' also includes a collaboration with Sharon Katz (of The Peace Train) on 'Haderech Lashalom', and Shalshelet award-winners 'Y'did Nefesh', 'Birkat Haneirot' and Jeff Marder's 'Shalom Aleichem.' 'Ahavah Rabah' (the album) was nominated for Best Jewish Album in the Just Plain Folks 2006 Music Awards, and 'Ahavah Rabah' (the song) was a winner in the Best Jewish Song category. Rebecca is a professional singer/guitarist and award-winning songwriter who has been performing publicly and privately since 1974. She has written and co-produced four other albums: 'Only Time Can Tell' (secular love songs), 'The Light of Shabbat' (a religious experience featuring Shabbat morning music), 'P'tach Libi - Open My Heart' (a landscape for prayer), and 'Kirvu ~ Come Near' (music for Shabbat and beyond). Rebecca has also written and recorded songs to help teach autistic children. Rebecca started her career in the coffeehouses and nightclubs of Philadelphia, performing original and cover tunes. She also led Jewish kids in song at local temples as a youth group songleader and music teacher. Rebecca then began a twenty-plus year career singing at wedding/b'nei mitzvah/anniversary receptions as well as high society parties around the country, and especially enjoyed performing for Barbara Walters, William Shatner, and Vera Wang in NYC, and PA Governer Ed Rendell. Rebecca currently works as a cantorial soloist, songleader, choir director, and music teacher in the Philadelphia area. She specializes in worship experiences, engaging people in the power of prayer through music. This includes Shabbat and Havdalah services for adults and/or children, as well as healing services. She also entertains for special temple events, and sings with the elderly at retirement and nursing homes. She has performed in the US, Canada, Israel, and The Netherlands. 'When she leads us in song, her music brightens our worship and draws us together into a deeply spiritual community.' Rabbi Phil Cohen 'Rebecca creates a landscape for prayer. She is a performer; not just a singer.' Rabbi Howard Bogot During the summer months from 2005 - 2012, she enjoyed a position as Songleading Director at URJ Crane Lake Camp in West Stockbridge, MA, where she taught Jewish music, sang with kids/teens, and mentored young adult songleaders. Under Rebecca's musical leadership for eight summers, 'this camp has become one where singing and dancing are truly an enjoyable experience.' 'It all is really a tribute to Rebecca and her steadfastness over the years... It's incredible that there are so many who want to be songleaders and have that opportunity to lead others in Jewish music and worship' (quote past and present Senior Assistant Directors Brian Mitchell and Greg Kellner). For more information about Rebecca, please visit her website (see links).

1.1 Sh'ma Koleinu (Hear Our Voice)
1.2 Birkat Haneirot
1.3 Shabbat Nigun
1.4 Shiru L'adonai
1.5 L'chah Dodi
1.6 Shalom Aleichem
1.7 Y'did Nefesh
1.8 Ahavat Olam
1.9 V'shamru
1.10 Haderech Lashalom
1.11 Oseh Shalom
1.12 Hal'luyah
1.13 Ahavah Rabah
1.14 Mipi Eil
1.15 Rosh Chodesh
1.16 Havdalah
1.17 Eiliyahu Hanavi
1.18 We Celebrate Together

Rebecca: Ahavah Rabah-With Deep Love


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