Rhodes: Half a Mind to Stay

Rhodes: Half a Mind to Stay
Title: Half a Mind to Stay
Artist: Rhodes
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 837101300896
Genre: Rock

Rhodes is a band with a modern take on the classic blues-rock sound. Between the band members there are roots that include everything from British guitar rock, Texas Blues, and early metal rock, to folk and bluegrass influence singer/songwriters. The band was formed by 4 friends who had played together for years before joining together in this current lineup. Phil Siems (bass) and Ryan Allshouse (drums) have been playing and performing together for almost 10 years before joining with Daniel Whittington (lead vocal and rhythm guitar) and Darren Clarke (lead guitar) to put together the beginnings of what would become "Rhodes". Early on there was a recognizable energy and presence to the music that was different than anything that they had experienced before. It showed the promise of being the kind of band that could create the kind of music they had always dreamed of making. The process of songwriting and reworking the music to prepare for the album took almost 3 years. In today's world where technology puts no boundaries on creativity, Rhodes cared the most about the authenticity of their work and capturing the presence and energy they are known for. They wanted to create something with similar boundaries and technical limitations to their heroes - Van Morrison, Cream, Bob Dylan and Jeff Buckley. So the album was recorded in the old school fashion, as a band, with no studio trickery. All tracks were laid down in solid and complete takes with no overdubbing. The results are raw and organic with two guitars, bass, drums, vocals and lots of heart.

1.1 Magician
1.2 Wheel
1.3 Should Have Known
1.4 Tonight
1.5 Rescue
1.6 Bones
1.7 Angel of the Summer
1.8 Love to Be with You
1.9 You Can Save Me
1.10 Half a Mind to Stay

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Rhodes: Half a Mind to Stay


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