Roy Panton: Endless Memory / Tell Me

Roy Panton: Endless Memory / Tell Me
Artist: Roy Panton
Title: Endless Memory / Tell Me
Product Type: 7-INCH SINGLE

Limited seven inch vinyl pressing. Produced by Boris Gardiner, originally was released on Bronco label as a strictly limited single, released as a 'blank' record. Producers and sound system owners used to release this kind of 7" with a blank label so that the other sound systems couldn't know the artist performing and get a copy for their dances. There was a big rivalry among the sound systems for getting the records with the most enthusiastic response from the audience at the dance floors, that's the reason why they wanted to hide the credits. Roy Panton recalls: "We recorded these two songs at the Federal Studio in 1969, at that time the studio had just expanded in size and tracks, I don't remember exactly how many tracks, but I'm sure it was more than 2. That was my first time recording on more than 2 tracks. I also remember Leslie Butler played Organ and Patrick McDonald on guitar, Boris Gardiner on bass. After we finished the recording Boris went back to the studio and dubbed in the chimes with the Hammond Organ. It was first released on a blank label by Boris. That's what I remember." 'Endless Memory' was reissued in his successful compilation entitled Roy Panton & Yvonne Harrison and Friends - Studio Recordings 1961-1970. On the flipside there is 'Tell Me', a great rocksteady track which has not been repressed in any format.

1.1 Endless Memory
1.2 Tell Me

Roy Panton: Endless Memory / Tell Me

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