Ruen Brothers: All My Shades Of Blue

Ruen Brothers: All My Shades Of Blue
Title: All My Shades Of Blue
Label: Ramseur Rec.
Product Type: VINYL LP

Ruen Brothers / ALL MY SHADES OF BLUE "We recorded the record out at Shangri La in Malibu, CA on the west coast of the USA. The studio used to belong to Bob Dylan and The Band. Rick Rubin, who produced the record, currently owns the studio and in February 2014 invited us in to start recording there. We refined the songs with Rick in the garden at Shangri La - changing keys, adjusting melody, structure and lyrics where appropriate. The songs were all recorded with a live band and no click track. Initially we'd track acoustic guitars, drums, bass and guide vocal for the songs. We'd lay down the bones of two songs a day. After the tracking sessions we were left to experiment with overdubbing other instruments. Rick would come in and sift through the new stuff, pulling parts in and out of the recordings daily. Finally the vocals were laid down and that was pretty much the whole process."

1.1 Coyotes of Malibu (Intro)
1.2 Walk Like a Man
1.3 All My Shades of Blue
1.4 Make the World Go Away
1.5 Finer Things
1.6 An Evening Dreaming
1.7 Motor City
1.8 Aces
1.9 Summer Sun
1.10 Vendetta
1.11 Strangers
1.12 Caller

Ruen Brothers: All My Shades Of Blue

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