Barchas, Sarah: Get Ready, Get Set, Sing

Sarah Barchas: Get Ready, Get Set, Sing
Title: Get Ready, Get Set, Sing
Label: CD Baby

Sarah Barchas was teacher and school librarian for over 30 years and is singer-songwriter and publisher of High Haven Music. GET READY, GET SET, SING! Is a collection of 31 charming, exuberant traditional and original songs that combine learning with sing-along fun. Many old favorites, with adaptations, many new songs inviting delight. Excellent for preschool, kindergarten and early primary grades, for schools, libraries, and family enjoyment. Includes songs on people, family, feelings, colors, numbers, shapes, animals, school, and transportation. All the songs invite activity and participation. Each physical CD package includes a paperback illustrated 36-page book with lyrics to all the songs for read-along, sing-along enjoyment. 1. 'ABC Train' - Magical ride on an alphabet train 2. 'Get Ready, Get Set, Sing' - Activity galore to join and explore. 3. 'Hickory Dickory Dock' - No young child can resist this delightful adaptation of traditional song with added verses and sound effects 4. 'ABC Song' - Traditional alphabet song 5. 'Good Morning' - Join every activity to greet the morning. 6. 'The More We are Together' - traditional simple song of bonding and friendship 7. 'Who Are the People in My Family?' - Families may differ but the common bond is caring. 8. 'If You're Happy and You Know It' - Act out every emotion and add more of your own. 9. 'Who's Wearing Yellow?' - Ideal participation song with colors of clothes each child is wearing. 10. 'All Week Long' - A winner of a song combining colors, clothes, children's names, and days of the week. Personalize and dramatize. 11. 'Red Bird' - Beloved song for children to add their own colors in their own cumulative sequence. 12. ' Five Little Cats' - Counting to number five with Halloween images 13. 'Ten Little Kittens/Witches//Turkeys/Snowmen' - Charming storysong variations from traditional folk rhyme 'Ten little Indians' 14. 'Twenty Pumpkins' - Counting to twenty with images from Halloween and Thanksgiving 15. 'This Old Man' Participate in fun with this old favorite traditional song 16. ' Roll Over' - Counting from ten backwards as children join in funny effects rolling off the bed (traditional of 'Ten in the Bed') 17. 'I Have A Horse' - Young horse lovers will love this song and add verses with more colors 18. 'Old MacDonald Had A Farm' - All ages will laugh and join in this hilarious interpretation 19. ' Eency Weency Spider' - Fun traditional song and fingerplay 20. ' Five Little Ducks' - A fun traditional story song to dramatize as fingerplay 21. 'Here Kitty Kitty' - touching, appealing song for cat and pet lovers everywhere 22. 'Where Has My Little Dog Gone?' - Seven more verses added to this old favorite with seven more animals missing! 23. 'Head and Shoulders' - adaptation in song of universally loved folk rhyme going faster and faster 24. 'Shape Man' - Combine art and music as you sing and make funny drawings of men of different shapes. 25. ' Fruit and Vegetables' - Fill the food baskets with call and response song of fresh fruits and vegetables, and then add your own. 26. 'Twelve Months' - simple song on months of the year, giving memory a boost with music 27. ' Balloons, Balloons' - A real favorite and winner of a song combining riddle rhymes, colors, and a surprise ending! 28. 'Big Books, Little Books' - Joy in reading, as poem and song 29. 'Our School' - A song across grades and ages for bonding, sharing, learning with pride and hope in our school. 30. 'Wheels of the Bus' - Traditional fun song to act out in group sharing, and add more verses. 31. 'Going for a Ride' - Join wonderful sound effects and imagination in adventures on many kinds of transportation! Recommendations: Booklist 4/15/95: 'Spirited songs...perfect for group activities. A fine blend of the simple and the satisfying to aid language and motor development and to celebrate the joy of getting together to sing and play.' School Library Journal 1/95: 'Compares well with the best recordings for the very young.' Parent Council, S'96: ...'singing is expressive...songs reinforce preschool skills.' Children's Jukebox - ALA, ( 2nd Ed., 2007). Multiple recommended song title listings.

1.1 ABC Train
1.2 Get Ready, Get Set, Sing!
1.3 Hickory Dickory Dock
1.4 ABC Song
1.5 Good Morning!
1.6 The More We Are Together
1.7 Who Are the People in My Family?
1.8 If You're Happy and You Know It
1.9 Who's Wearing Yellow?
1.10 All Week Long
1.11 Red Bird
1.12 Five Little Cats
1.13 Ten Litrtle Kittens/Witches/Turkeys/Snowmen
1.14 Twenty Pumpkins
1.15 This Old Man
1.16 Roll Over
1.17 I Have a Horse
1.18 Old MacDonald Had a Farm
1.19 Eency Weency Spider
1.20 Five Little Ducks
1.21 Here, Kitty Kitty
1.22 Where Has My Little Dog Gone?
1.23 Head and Shoulders
1.24 Shape Man
1.25 Fruits and Vegetables
1.26 Twelve Months
1.27 Balloons, Balloons
1.28 Big Books, Little Books
1.29 Our School
1.30 Wheels of the Bus
1.31 Going for a Ride

Barchas, Sarah: Get Ready, Get Set, Sing

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