Sarasota Slim: Snook Fishin'

Sarasota Slim: Snook Fishin&
Title: Snook Fishin'
Artist: Sarasota Slim
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 634479871825
Genre: Blues

'Sarasota Slim is not famous. He doesn't own his own tour bus or travel with an entourage. Nor are you likely to see him headlining shows at the Ice Palace. But Sarasota Slim is the real deal. A talented and tenacious guitarist, vocalist and songwriter who has been plying his craft relentlessly around the Southeast and on occasional tours to Europe for the better part of two decades. Slim is the rare hybrid who is able to incorporate both speed and economy in his tasteful, heartfelt chops. He also possesses a secret weapon that often suprises people when they first hear him: a beautiful, warm tenor voice, complete with good range, timbre and vibrato... ...Despite all the hardships facing a full time musician, the tenacious Slim just keeps getting the job done live and consistantly putting out good music. 1999's 'Snook Fishin' ' is his fifth release (Slim previously recorded four albums for Italy's Appaloosa label), and features Joel Hendrix on drums, Mike Chavers on bass and Quency Jennings on organ. Keyboardist Jennings has since been replaced by the band's newest member, Tim Heding. Heding boasts a gold record from his days playing with Gregg Allman on the 'I'm No Angel' LP He's worked as a sideman for several luminaries, most notably The Godfather of Soul, James Brown' Phil Colpas Friday, April 23, 1999 Friday Extra-A Section of the Tampa Tribune- Tampa, Florida 'He sings about Florida phenomena such as kudzu, sand spurs and the delicious species in the title tune. Slim isn't your typical bluesy growler. He's almost a crooner, with a pleasant tenor that finds musical contrast in crisp, clean six-string solos.' Bob Ross Friday, July 23, 1999 GO! Hear -Shorelines-Florida Times Union-Jacksonville, Florida 'Hardage and his band will perform today, tomorrow and Sunday at Ragtime in Atlantic Beach, with special guest vocalist Jake Mitchell.' 'Beaches musician Billy Bowers saw Hardage perform for the first time over 10 years ago at the defunct Pier 7 lounge in Jacksonville Beach. 'He's a great guitar player,' Bowers said. 'he's got his own style, and he's just a fun guy to go see... he interacts with the crowd and when you hear him play, you know it's him.' Mark Faulkner.

1.1 Anything You Want
1.2 A Sandspur Needs a Foot
1.3 Reach Out
1.4 Thin White Bread
1.5 Noodle Boogie
1.6 Snook Fishin'
1.7 Johnny's Breakfast
1.8 Kudzu Killer
1.9 I'll Be Your Fool
1.10 Bourbon to Beale
1.11 Traffic Jam
1.12 I Don't Play the Blues No More

Sarasota Slim: Snook Fishin'


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