Schoolboy Cleve: South to West: Iron & Gold

Schoolboy Cleve: South to West: Iron & Gold
Title: South to West: Iron & Gold
Artist: Schoolboy Cleve
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 719353412025
Genre: Blues

IT'S HERE! IT'S HERE! NOW AVAILABLE! A historical musical treasure of Schoolboy Cleve's original recordings and unreleased material, CD of Rhythm and Blues. This album took over 50 YEARS to produce! It's a must buy for collectors, blues lovers and historians. This combined CD collection of Schoolboy Cleve's recordings of Rhythm and Blues, from 1954 to 1998 titled "South to West - Iron and Gold", is truly unique. Schoolboy Cleve felt living in the South was hard like iron. After moving to the West it felt like he struck gold. The title, South to West - Iron and Gold, represents his journey. SPECIAL NOTE 'NO WIND, NO RAIN, NO WINTER STORM COULD STOP THIS ALBUM' During production of this CD, Hurricane Katrina and Rita hit New Orleans, Louisiana and other parts of the South. Schoolboy Cleve had one tune recorded live, from a performance with a trumpet player named Marcus, from New Orleans who happened to be blind. But had love and vision of the city and it's sound of music, which you can clearly feel when you hear him on this CD. He played with so much feeling; it truly captured the New Orleans, Louisiana sound. This is his own story told in music, CD title track Friday Night (The New Orleans, LA sound). A GREAT CD TO HAVE IN YOUR COLLECTION *ABOUT SCHOOLBOY CLEVE Schoolboy Cleve is known worldwide and is considered one of the greatest harmonica players that ever lived. He played with other legendary artist like Lightnin' Slim, Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Grammy nominee Ron Thompson and many others. 'THIS IS A MUST HAVE CD!'

1.1 Here I Go Again #1
1.2 Really I Apologize
1.3 Don't Thread on Me
1.4 I Saw the Blues
1.5 My Heart Is Crying
1.6 If It's Love You Want (Come to Me)
1.7 Beautiful Beautiful Love
1.8 My Baby Done Gone
1.9 My Big Fat Woman
1.10 Strange Letter Blues
1.11 She's Gone
1.12 Ali Shuffle (Fight Moves)
1.13 I Love a Little Woman
1.14 We Are Going to Rock
1.15 She's Alright
1.16 I Saw the Blues [Remix]
1.17 Sweet Little Woman
1.18 Friday Night (The New Orleans, la Sound)

Schoolboy Cleve: South to West: Iron & Gold


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