Shirona: Shirona: Judaic Love Songs

Shirona: Shirona: Judaic Love Songs
Title: Shirona: Judaic Love Songs
Label: CD Baby

Shirona combines two rare gifts in this magnificent debut album - a breathtakingly beautiful voice and a talent for composing melodies that capture the soul of the listener. The ancient Hebrew texts, thousands of years old, posess powers that transcend logic... a transforming combination that will beckon you to listen to this CD over and over and over... Shirona, a native New Yorker, was raised in Israel in a musical, cultured evironment, and started performing at an early age. After serving in the Israeli army she returned to the United States and starred in the nationally acclaimed Israeli-American Musical Review 'On Silver Wings'. After taking time off to marry and raise a family, Shirona returned to the Jewish Music scene with a newfound interest in New Age and Jewish Spirituality. She began composing original melodies to the ancient texts of the Bible and Prayer Book, in Hebrew, using multi-cultural musical influences, such as Celtic,Eastern European, Middle Eastern and American.

1.1 B'resheet
1.2 Yigdal
1.3 Sos Asis
1.4 Ki Eleicha
1.5 Al Mishkavi
1.6 Simeini
1.7 Ashrei
1.8 Modim
1.9 Mima'amakim
1.10 Ana B'koach
1.11 Kol Dmama Daka
1.12 Ein Keloheinu

Shirona: Shirona: Judaic Love Songs

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