Shotgun Jubilee: Shotgun Jubilee

Shotgun Jubilee: Shotgun Jubilee
Title: Shotgun Jubilee
Artist: Shotgun Jubilee
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 884501539173
Genre: Rock

You can't stop evolution. Those words couldn't ring truer for Shotgun Jubilee, an experimental folk-rock band based out of Erie, PA. After three years and several additions and subtractions to the core line-up, Shotgun Jubilee has evolved into a driving force in the independent music scene. Melding the acoustic soul of traditional bluegrass and folk music, progressive rock, and dirty, New Orleans style funk, Shotgun Jubilee has created something all their own. The end result: JAMERICANA. Dominick DeCecco is the front man and songwriting guru for Shotgun Jubilee. His lyrics and melodies come straight from the heart. From the uplifting and profound to the gut-wrenching, his songs seek to reach the very soul of the listener. The music that flows from his acoustic guitar, mandolin, and banjo, and his soothing vocal delivery help define the band's sound. Paul Schillinger's lead playing on electric guitar is the perfect compliment to the ground work that DeCecco brings to the table. Schillinger's fluid runs up and down the neck of his Fender Stratocaster flow like water and he can send chills up and down the listener's spine with each and every note he bends. His jazz influenced rhythm approach keeps the Shotgun Jubilee sound full, yet never overpowering. The unlikely marriage between electric and acoustic guitars is integral to the jamericana sound. Steve Powell takes Shotgun Jubilee's Americana driven frame work and cranks it up to 11 with his rock based drumming style. Powell keeps the music driving like a freight train while maintaining a tight pocket of groove. Bass player Ryan Bartosek fits into that pocket perfectly, serving as the glue that holds melody and rhythm together like a perfect puzzle piece. Bartosek's funky bass style gives Shotgun Jubilee's sound the steady bounce it required to bring audiences to the dance floor and keep them moving all night long. Shotgun Jubilee has been steadily growing their fanbase locally and throughout the region, playing such venues and festivals as The Crooked I in Erie, Mr. Small's in Pittsburgh, The Tralf in Buffalo, Nelson's Ledges Quarry Park, and The Great Blue Heron. They've shared the stage with heavy hitters such as Ekoostik Hookah, Dangermuffin, Donna The Buffalo, Turbine, Waterband, Cabinet, The Recipe, Big Leg Emma, The Town Pants, and Buckwheat Zydeco. Shotgun Jubilee remains poised to win over new audiences in each town they visit and continue their positive growth for years to come.

1.1 Good Girl
1.2 Wait for the Night
1.3 B
1.4 Gettin' Down
1.5 Cigarette Song
1.6 Millbridge Blues
1.7 Setting You Free
1.8 Chemical Reaction
1.9 If I Go Higher
1.10 River Take a Mountain to Sea
1.11 Home
1.12 I'm Gonna Play
1.13 Close to You
1.14 Fair Weather Love

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Shotgun Jubilee: Shotgun Jubilee


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