Smith / Barnhart / Hassel, Joseph Van: Correlates

Smith / Barnhart / Hassel, Joseph Van: Correlates
Artist: Smith / Barnhart / Hassel, Joseph Van
Title: Correlates

Joseph Van Hassel performs works for solo percussion written by himself as well as by composers he has commissioned. Correlates is a collection of solo percussion works written for Joseph Van Hassel, currently Director of Percussion Studies at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. Each piece is the result of close collaboration between performer and composer, and represent some of the many musical directions that percussion can take.

1.1 FZZL
1.2 On Empty: I-
1.3 On Empty: Ii-
1.4 On Empty: Iii-
1.5 And the Dish Ran Away with the Spoon
1.6 Epitaphs: I. Shine
1.7 Epitaphs: II. Interlude #1
1.8 Epitaphs: III. "I Am Ready to Meet My Maker"
1.9 Epitaphs: IV. Interlude #2
1.10 Epitaphs: V. a Dewdrop
1.11 Marimba Suite: I. Correlates
1.12 Marimba Suite: II. My Friend Gita Said:
1.13 Marimba Suite: III. March Madness
1.14 Marimba Suite: IV. Here Comes

Smith / Barnhart / Hassel, Joseph Van: Correlates

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