Soccer Team: Real Lessons in Cynicism

Soccer Team: Real Lessons in Cynicism
Title: Real Lessons in Cynicism
Artist: Soccer Team
Label: Dischord
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 643859182017
Genre: Rock

Real Lessons in Cynicism is the second full-length album by Washington, DC's SOCCER TEAM. It arrives 9 years after the band's debut, "Volunteered" Civility and Professionalism. Why did it take so long? Moves. Jobs. Skateboarding. Friendly scuffles between those who would favor analog over digital recording styles. Look, don't worry about it. They have crossed the finish line and that's what matters. RYAN NELSON (BEAUTY PILL, MINUTES) and MELISSA QUINLEY formed Soccer Team in 2005. They are long-time friends who have both, at various times in the past two decades, been employees of Dischord Records. He played drums and guitar and she played bass. Each contributed vocals. In 2006, Soccer Team released "Volunteered" Civility and Professionalism, which was recorded at Nelson's home in Southeast DC. Not long afterward, he decided to relocate to Kalamazoo, MI and the band began a multi-year hiatus. Though the project was largely dormant throughout this time, the pair was able to reunite briefly to record a three-song single, which was released on Lovitt Records in 2011. Upon Nelson's return to the DC-area in 2012, Soccer Team reconvened and expanded to include drummer DENNIS KANE and guitarist/keyboardist JASON HUTTO (AQUARIUM, WARM SUN). The group began recording the following summer and wrapped up late last year. The record includes 14 songs that were tracked live in a basement using a Tascam 388 tape machine and then ported into a computer, where they were further tweaked and embellished. The artwork comes courtesy of Nelson, whose drawings have graced countless show flyers, posters, and gallery walls throughout the last two decades. While this illustration was originally intended for a skateboard deck, you have to admit that it looks pretty good on an LP jacket.

1.1 Problems with Prolonged Youth
1.2 Best Employed New Beau
1.3 We Need to Talk
1.4 Lazy Colonist
1.5 Nose to Chin
1.6 Short-Term Expectations
1.7 Here's Why Dancers Smoke
1.8 Friends Who Know
1.9 If You Were Here
1.10 Fits of Jealous Rage Are in This Year
1.11 Mental Anguish Is Your Friend
1.12 Too Many Lens Flares
1.13 Dinner with Derelicts
1.14 Vacations on the Lam
1.15 Vacations on the Lam

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Soccer Team: Real Lessons in Cynicism

Product-type:VINYL LP

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