Stella Parton: Resurrection

Stella Parton: Resurrection
Title: Resurrection
Label: CD Baby

Stella's vocal versatility transitions perfectly into the dance genre. Who knew! As a composer, Stella has a knack for fitting into these energetic dance grooves. The fans of dance music will find this to be a very rich and exciting offering from one of the most endearing artist on the scene. Special Thanks from Stella The concept for this CD came from a suggestion to remix some of my previous songs into dance mixes. I thought that would be fun and after listening to the first remix, I said it is like we are resurrecting my songs. That is where the name 'Resurrection' came from and I am proud to have written eight of the ten songs. I threw in three new songs that have never been recorded and I hope you like them.  So many people helped to make this CD a reality and I would like to thank each and everyone for all their support. Brant Moll, Thomas Walker, Jay Willingham, Gomi, Puffdog, Butch Wade, Johnnie McDonald, Charles Tubbs, Troy Ford, Kim Adams, James Nelson, Jimmie Ann Gladney, Ken Demith, Glenn Alexander and Gary Broadrick. Words cannot express how much it means to me to have had so much input, hard work and support in making this a reality, so now we have 'Resurrection. Love ya, Stella Stella Parton - Producer Brant Moll - Executive Producer Produced by Attic Entertainment & Brant Moll Productions.

1.1 Danger of a Stranger (Gomi's Dangerous Mix)
1.2 Trouble on the Line (Emergency Mix)
1.3 Lying to the One You Are with (Passion on the Dance Floor Mix)
1.4 Valley of Desire (Dream Mix)
1.5 I Want to Hold You (Stella Vs Puff Dog Club Groove)
1.6 Saving My Love (Deluxe Dance Mix)
1.7 New Lover (Late Night Mix)
1.8 Missing You Blues (Desire Radio Mix)
1.9 I Reach Out to Touch You (T. CW Burning Mix)
1.10 Legs (Pretty Long Legs Remix)
2.1 Danger of a Stranger (Gomi's Dangerous Extended Mix)
2.2 Valley of Desire (Extended Dream Mix)
2.3 I Want to Hold You (Stella Vs Puffdog Extended Club Groove)
2.4 Saving My Love (Deluxe Extended Dance Mix)
2.5 Missing You Blues (Desire Club Mix)
2.6 I Reach Out to Touch You (T. CW Burning Extended Mix)
2.7 Trouble on the Line (Emergency Club Mix)
2.8 Trouble on the Line (Emergency Retro Mix)
2.9 Trouble on the Line (Emergency Retro Extended Mix)
2.10 Danger of a Stranger (Mega Nightlife Mix)

Stella Parton: Resurrection

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