Gordon, Stephen: I Have Seen Your Shining Spirit

Stephen Gordon: I Have Seen Your Shining Spirit
Title: I Have Seen Your Shining Spirit
Label: CD Baby

"I started writing songs in my 9th grade study hall. I had had five guitar lessons once when I was in 7th grade and remembered at least five chords. 'How hard could it be?' I remember thinking. I was soon convinced that I was a prodigy and wrote songs all through high school, through college, up to now, never realizing that I was actually getting better...after all, how can you go higher than the top? I don't love music. I love the way it moves me. From the beginning, I knew I wanted to write music because it felt so good to me. I would later learn that music is an invaluable tool in relating to the depths of humanity and discovering the heart of relationship, but never so much as to forsake the reason for my first love. I don't like movies, songs, or poems that don't move me, but I'm sure they're great... they're busy impacting someone else and that makes them vastly important. Art is not our way to say something that needs to be said, it's the inevitable result of material bodies trying their damndest to relate to their own immortal souls. I guess that's what I love-my soul reminding my body that they're both alive. Life-that's a good word, what's it mean? I play folky alternative country music that's easy to listen to. I have just released my first full-length album entitled, 'I Have Seen Your Shining Spirit.' I intentionally allowed the 12 songs to say what I intended for them to say-which was nothing intentional. I'm wrestling with this mess too, you know-human nature. I just walk with my eyes closed, one foot after another, one song following the ones before. I'm glad I didn't quit playing this music (that I don't love) when I realized I wasn't a prodigy. I want other people to be glad too. I just hope that they enjoy themselves, or that something moves them like or unlike it moved me. So there's really no pressure except for that which I create. I don't even really have to DO anything. That's great news. Please remind me when you see me."

1.1 Not What You Need
1.2 Shot Like a Drug
1.3 Upon An Evening Ride to Robertsonville
1.4 Evelyn
1.5 Holes in My Heart
1.6 Irene
1.7 Hearts Break Easier
1.8 Eyes Grow Tired
1.9 Sandra
1.10 Webs
1.11 Bones
1.12 Good Decisions

Gordon, Stephen: I Have Seen Your Shining Spirit

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