Music & Vibes Music & Vibes
Title: Music & Vibes
Label: CD Baby

MUSIC and VIBES is more than music for escape. It is music for love. And underneath it all is the rhythm, the beat, the excitement of open arms, warm welcome and the pleasures of romance. But look, cats... don't get your feet wet unless your ticker's tickin', unless you've been takin' your vitamin pills and really want to get your kicks. When the mambo meets jazz, man, don't run for cover... just stand your ground and swing with the rest. But above all else, friends, stay loose! 'Here is the sound of swinging sophistication. It's background vibes for people who want to have a fabulous time. Take your shoes off, and live the high life while you can.' 'Play this CD at your next party, and check your attitude at the door. It's the ultimate escape, and the coolest vacation you can take... a soundtrack for paradise.' 'Soothe your ears, and ease your mind from a stressed out world. Relax, laugh, listen and enjoy!

1.1 Intro
1.2 Bossa Nova Beach
1.3 On the Rocks
1.4 Green Flash
1.5 Third Reef
1.6 Tiki Time
1.7 Sunsets and Stars
1.8 Swank Swing
1.9 Offshore
1.10 Mambo Voodoo
1.11 Lovers of the Sea
1.12 Crazy Joe's Jazz
1.13 Surf Cha Cha Music & Vibes

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