Sympozion: Kundabuffer

Sympozion: Kundabuffer
Title: Kundabuffer
Artist: Sympozion
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 7290010936991
Genre: Rock

Arik Hayat - Composition, Keyboards, Recorder, Vocals Elad Abraham - Composition, Guitar, Recorder Ori Ben-Zvi - Guitars, Guitar Solos Dan Carpman - Bass, Vocals Boris Zilberstein - Drums The band was started in 2000, by two young composers - Arik Hayat and Elad Abraham. Spending a lot of time playing and experimenting together led them to forming the first two compositions which was the basis for all that followed (one of them was Grapefruit, which survived the years through to the album). The music slowly evolved and more instruments were needed to perform it. After a long period in which many talented musicians took part in the ensemble, the current line-up was formed and the band began performing on stages throughout Tel-Aviv. In 2003 work on the debut album "Kundabuffer" began, together with musical producer and sound artist, Udi Koomran. After more than a year the album was completed, and a label company was needed to release the album. The search was conducted by Raya Kosovsky, the band's manager. The rough situations in the music industry lead to the decision that the album was to be released independently by the band. The music on Kundabuffer has an undefined range of styles. There are no main criteria for the emergence of a specific influence in the music. The most important thing is the overall harmony of influences, moods and characters. As long as everyone can live happily together - everyone is welcomed. Here is a short list of bands and artists that influenced the music on this album: Gentle Giant, Frank Zappa, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Erik Satie, Olivier Messiaen, Igor Stravinsky, Yannis Xenakis, Pierre Boulez, Joe Pass, John Coltrane and many more.

1.1 Patterns
1.2 Happy War Holiday
1.3 Bird
1.4 Grapefruit
1.5 Six
1.6 Zona
1.7 Too Much
1.8 Grapefruit Variations

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Sympozion: Kundabuffer


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