Skloot, Tal: Kabbalah

Tal Skloot: Kabbalah
Title: Kabbalah
Label: CD Baby

Instrumental arrangements of Jewish songs, prayers and chants. A unique world music collection for meditation and spiritual deepening. Performed on violin, clarinet, flute, harp, cello, guitar, piano and percussion. Featuring former 'Klezmorim' clarinetist Sheldon Brown and superstar Lebanese violinist Georges Lammam.

1.1 V'taher Libenu - Purify Our Heart
1.2 Mi Yemalel - Who Can Retell
1.3 Shabat Shalom - Peaceful Sabbath
1.4 Nigun Attic - Ancient Melody
1.5 Eretz Zavat Chalav U' Dvash - Land of Milk and Honey
1.6 Ose Shalom - a Prayer for Peace
1.7 Hineh Ma Tov - How Good It Is
1.8 Eliyahu Hanavi - Elijah the Prophet
1.9 Dodi LI - My Beloved Is Mine
1.10 Numi, Numi - Sleep My Child

Skloot, Tal: Kabbalah

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