Girard, Tama: Sold For Free

Tama Girard: Sold For Free
Title: Sold For Free
Label: CD Baby

Tama Girard Sold for Free (feat. Nuno Bettencourt) - Single Tama Girard, a decorated music writer, has recorded a new single "Sold For Free," recorded with legendary icon Nuno Bettencourt (Extreme, Rihanna). The Single has been mastered by another legend, Jonathan Wyner (Aerosmith, David Bowie, Nirvana, James Taylor) whose expertise in sound engineering and mastering takes this single to a whole new level. - Girard is a noted singer, songwriter and music producer from Rhode Island who co-produced the soundtrack for the movie "Hard Luck" with co-producer/writer Mike Sahagian (Britney Spears, girlbionic). - When Girard contemplated putting out his own National Singles, he always knew who he would solicit when it came time for the first one, and that was Nuno Bettencourt. "I approached Nuno about playing on the track. And of course, nothing was solidified by him at that point of our conversation, because it all really came down to the music. So, I gave him a disc of what I had recorded on the track, and waited to hear back from him. The following day I got a text message. "Hey, man. Nuno here. The song is great. Let's do it," and the rest was history.

1.1 Sold for Free
1.2 Sold for Free (Original Demo)

Girard, Tama: Sold For Free

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