Tender: Modern Addiction

Tender: Modern Addiction
Title: Modern Addiction
Label: PTKF
Product Type: VINYL LP

Modern Addiction - Tender - Following the success of 3 EPs, London duo Tender share their debut album, 'Modern Addiction,' due out on Partisan Records in 2017. 'Modern Addiction' listens like catharsis. From orgasm, to break-up, to silence, the record breaths closure to a relationship that has intensified, shattered, and healed. It is young, cold, urban, lonely, and an intrinsically modern look at the irrepressible desire to maintain a love, be it destined or doomed. James Cullen and Dan Cobb's debut explores the phenomenon of comfort and compulsion that is addiction, via a pop record about a relationship. Cullen frames familiar feelings for us to relate to and digest, but simultaneously undermines their presence, leaving the listener holding the same hollow heart that he carried through his addiction. Cobb's soaring synths and progressive percussion are waxed and shined by the album's sleek club mix, and the juxtaposition with Cullen's lyrics is heartbreaking. These tracks have refreshingly inclusive sensual detail, and are liquid enough in their diction to be tangible to those who navigate the many flavors of romance in the year 2017. "We want it to make people connect with each other. We want to evoke emotion. We want people to dance," says Cobb.

1.1 Illuminate
1.2 Nadir
1.3 Hypnotised
1.4 Crawl
1.5 Erode
1.6 Silence
1.7 Machine
1.8 Sickness
1.9 Vow
1.10 Blame
1.11 Powder
1.12 Trouble

Tender: Modern Addiction

Product-type:VINYL LP

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