Drag: Drag

The Drag: Drag
Title: Drag
Label: CD Baby

This is Drag's 1st CD. It is an altern pop, dual female fronted band in the genre of Veruca Salt, P.J. Harvey, Joan Jett. It is high energy music with catchy melodic songs and extensive vocal harmonies. If you already have their new EP 'The brill affect' then this is a good place to hear where their new sound came from.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Superhero
1.3 Hellboy
1.4 Poison
1.5 Intro
1.6 Sex in Japan
1.7 Intro
1.8 Revolver
1.9 Drag
1.10 Natalie
1.11 Low
1.12 Intro
1.13 Los Angeles
1.14 Don't Want to Go

Drag: Drag

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