Frantic: Change

The Frantic: Change
Title: Change
Label: CD Baby

An autumn day in the year 2000: four youths met spontaneously for a jam-session. What began with occasional playing of cover versions for pure fun, developed soon to a serious band-project with regular practice-sessions. The guitarists Mike Sarbach and Michael Gysel discovered early their talent in songwriting. All bandmembers have their own music-interests, what led gently to the typical sound of frantic. Until today, after various formation changes and lots of concerts, frantic became a quite well known, solid indiepop-band. In the meantime, the sound changed into an emotional indiepop with beautiful melodies and a pinch of melancholy.

1.1 Still Don't Know
1.2 Somehow
1.3 My Love
1.4 Change
1.5 Getting Old
1.6 Mr. Genius
1.7 Bitter Taste
1.8 On Your Own
1.9 She
1.10 Good Bye Conscience
1.11 Fall Asleep

Frantic: Change

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