Pinder Brothers: Speeding Cars

The Pinder Brothers: Speeding Cars
Title: Speeding Cars
Artist: Pinder Brothers
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 884501749978
Genre: Rock

The Pinder Brothers are speeding forward with their newest release, Speeding Cars. Fueled by the same kind of artistic sensibility that created James Taylor's Fire and Rain, The Pinder Brothers have a way of telling a story, and a sonic appeal that rivals that of bands like Train and Wilco. From ignition, Speeding Cars is a tasty representation of the Pinder Brothers' sound. These cuts are deep and well worth a listen. Track 1, on Speeding Cars, "The Last Days Of Summer" makes a fine opener, harking back to best prog-pop of the Pinder Brothers first CD Jupiter Falls and it's follow-up Ordinary Man. Track 2, "Driving You Home" is a yearning love song with the sonic complexities and winding twists and turns of classic mid '80s McCartney. Track 3, "Hollywood La La" is among the finest tracks yet by the Pinder Brothers. Almost soundtrack like, Mike Lee Pinder's lead vocal stakes out a regretful tone as it deals with the subject of Hollywood stardom. Track 4, "Crash Down" is just that-a sonic roller coaster that makes you want to get up and play some air guitar. Filled with yet more classic Pinder Brothers melodies that cascade around the pop spectrum, the 5th and final track here, "Dark-Eyed Angel" is a memorable way to complete this sweet sonic journey. A destination well worth visiting Speeding Cars is just the ticket to bring the Pinder Brothers sound crashing down into 2012. The songs offer themes of loss and love as the focal point and are unraveled with ghostly precision. Michael's lead vocal stakes out a regretful tone on songs like Hollywood La La, adding emotion to the reflective lyrics. At times, the song lyrics have the immediacy of a Van Morrison Number, but when the electric guitars hit, the listener is immersed in a bath of undulating alternative tones. The juxtaposition of elements --acoustic and electric, light and dark, fire and rain-- gives the Pinder Brothers an intensity that has them hurtling forward at blinding speed. Showing no signs of letting up, the Pinder Brothers are currently in the studio finishing yet another crop of new songs.

1.1 Last Days of Summer
1.2 Driving You Home
1.3 Hollywood la la
1.4 Crash Down
1.5 Dark-Eyed Angel

Pinder Brothers: Speeding Cars


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