Thea: Planet We Ride

Thea: Planet We Ride
Title: Planet We Ride
Label: CD Baby

Planet We Ride is a clear testament to the power and beauty of the mystery and majesty of this world. For an insightful trip through gorgeous harmonies, inspired lyrics and clear melodic inventions just sit back and turn up the volume. After the second medicine woman gifted Cynthia Stacey with the name Thea, she decided to stick with it. It's a spiritually powerful transition, one that can be heard clearly in this singer's music. Thea's 2002 album, Planet We Ride, is actually a re-release of an album she recorded in San Francisco in 1989. The songs use melody and magic, poetry, and electronic percussion and keyboards to get the point across. On these tracks Thea questions the secrets of the future, the mysteries of this world, and the profound beauty of nature. On the title track she asks, 'For where are the answers to the when, where and why/ Where are we going on this planet we ride?' These songs originate from Thea's facination with the riddles of our lives and the unfathomable beauty of nature. She was brought up in a traditional Seminole Indian tribe and spent summers in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. These early influences have clearly woven their way through her songwriting. Sometimes she is driven by questions of love (Bright Sea Bright), and sometimes pushed by the hollowness of life's despair (Travelin'). But underneath it all there is a deep sense of optimism, a trust in the Great Spirit. On 'Raven Sister (Mi Amiga)' Thea blends sweet harmonies with acoustic guitars, synth strings and a bit of Spanish. The result is one of the most engaging cuts on the record. Tracks like 'I've Seen a Light' continue to lay Thea's airy vocals across heavenly music. Still, on this one and others like 'Bright Sea Bright,' screaming electric guitars crash into the mix and bring the music back down to earth. A special bonus track, 'Wait by the River,' penned by Anne Hills, rounds out the package. This one was recorded in 2001 and begins to show the sonic evolution of this impressive singer-songwriter.

1.1 Other Side of Love
1.2 Bright Sea Bright
1.3 Planet We Ride
1.4 Western Sky
1.5 Travelin'
1.6 Mi Amiga
1.7 I've Seen a Light
1.8 Wildest Dreams
1.9 Song for You
1.10 Golden Hills
1.11 Wait By the River

Thea: Planet We Ride

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