Therhythmisodd: Raw Material

Therhythmisodd: Raw Material
Title: Raw Material
Label: CD Baby

?'Great disc to stick in the car if you wanna' swerve wildly through traffic and smash into other vehicle' --Wayside music Brand new disc from the Swedish progressive rock project Therhythmisodd, this is their second album release. Critic Fred Trafton hit the nail on the head with his review: 'If Rush played Mahavishnu Orchestra covers, it would sound like this.' "After many listens to "Subway," I can honestly that the track is amazing, and fits my musical tastes perfectly. The musicianship is top-notch, and I love the pounding bass...very reminiscent of John Wetton-era King Crimson. The bellowed vocals add a nice human feel to the track. The guitar is wild, reminding me of Robert Fripp-meets-Frank Zappa-meets-Tim Smith-meets-Jimi Hendrix. Jazz-fusion is one of my favorite genres, and that is very present in "Subway." And I definitely can't forget the powerful drums, bringing to mind Billy Cobham and Bill Bruford with a slight modern feel. The mid-section is great and sounds a bit like improvisation, which I love. I love how you guys manage to keep such a strong groove going for over 13 minutes; very nice indeed! Even the production quality is pretty good here. Congratulations on such a powerful piece of music! Well done, Well done" - Jordan Bolen.

1.1 Traveller
1.2 Subway
1.3 Mrs Hippie
1.4 Road Less Travelled
1.5 Marten Trotzigs Dance of Decades
1.6 Vision of Thoughts

Therhythmisodd: Raw Material

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