Sacred Steel Guitar Legends: African American Steel Guitar Tradition

Various Artists: African American Steel Guitar Tradition
Title: African American Steel Guitar Tradition
Label: CD Baby

Sacred Strings Records is proud to present the first ever produced compilation CD of Steel Guitar Legends of the Jewell Dominion Church of the Living God. This record label is designed exclusively to promote and preserve some of the most phenomenal African American steel guitar music ears have ever heard. This audio recording is by far the most complete musical representation of the churches sixty year steel guitar legacy ever produced. Three of the churches top steel guitar legends are hard at work, giving you a heavenly dose of this well guarded steel guitar tradition. The music was transferred from cassette tapes over to compact disc. The sound has been enhanced in the studio and re mastered to produce a better quality recording. Each track is uncut and recorded live in various church locations. This is a great addition to any rare or vintage collection because of it's great historical significance. Get ready to dance! This music is another powerful force to rise from the soul of the African American culture and we thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for using the Church of the Living God as the conduit to transfer this spiritually uplifting music from heaven to earth. This audio recording begins with a short introduction of Sacred Strings Records by the founders, Del Ray and Kelli Grace. Steel Guitar Legend Bishop Wayne White is the senior pastor of Higher Praise Ministries located in Detroit, Michigan. Wayne is a remarkable steel player and is placed among the "living legends" of this great legacy. His dynamic style of playing steel guitar is very uplifting, heart felt and spirit filled. Wayne is an awesome talent and his contribution to the evolution of this legacy is proudly demonstrated on this CD project. James "Tubby"Golden of Cleveland, Ohio is one of the few accomplished pedal steel players of this tradition. Tubby developed his own signature style yet remained true to the churches sound and tradition. Tubby possessed the ability to speak through his instrument with a passion that words cannot express. His contribution to this tradition has provided him a seat along side other Jewell Dominion Steel Guitar Legends. Bishop Lorenzo Harrison, the Architect and Father of this great Steel Guitar Tradition. In the Jewell Dominion Church, Lorenzo Harrison's name is synonymous with the Hawiian Steel Guitar. Lorenzo is the most influential steel player in the sixty plus year history of the church. The steel guitar, when placed in the hands of Lorenzo Harrison took on spiritual significance. It became the Sacred Steel Guitar, a divine instrument used to glorify the Lord. Also included inside of the CD cover is a Special Tribute dedicated to two pioneers of this legacy. Fred Neal is on record as one of the earliest steel players to travel with the churches leader, Chief Jewell. Born in Corinth, Ms. Fred traveled and played for the church from 1939 to 1953, after which he relocated to Los Angeles, California. For his great contribution we salute Fred Neal and his family with this special tribute honoring him. Bishop Harvey Jones, born in Oxford, Ms. in 1922. Harvey is documented as one of the earliest guitar players of this great heritage to play in tent revivals and assemblies. Harvey Jones also played behind the legendary Jewell Gospel Trio in the 1950's. Harvey established a signature guitar style that became the foundation that many guitar players all built on. We salute you sir, for your contribution to this rich music legacy with this special tribute.

1.1 Introduction of Sacred Strings Records
1.2 Wayne White (Praise Music)
1.3 Wayne White (Praise Music)
1.4 Wayne White (My Life Is in His Hands)
1.5 Wayne White (Detroit Train)
1.6 Wayne White (Something on the Inside)
1.7 Tubby Golden (Praise Music)
1.8 Tubby Golden (Will Jesus Bear the Cross Alone)
1.9 Tubby Golden (Praise Music)
1.10 Tubby Golden (Bishop R. Warren)
1.11 Tubby Golden (Cleveland Train)
1.12 Tubby Golden (I'm a Soldier)
1.13 Lorenzo Harrison (Praise Music)
1.14 Lorenzo Harrison (You Can't Hurry God)
1.15 Lorenzo Harrison (Praise Music)
1.16 Lorenzo Harrison (Praise Music)
1.17 Lorenzo Harrison (Bishop Randall)
1.18 Lorenzo Harrison (Somebody Touched Me)

Sacred Steel Guitar Legends: African American Steel Guitar Tradition

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