Complete Story of Doo Wop-1962 14 / Various: Complete Story of Doo Wop-1962 14 / Various

Various Artists: Complete Story of Doo Wop-1962 14 / Various
Title: Complete Story of Doo Wop-1962 14 / Various
Label: Bear Family Germany

2013 release, the 14th installment in this incredible series that focuses on the glory days of Doo Wop. Like Rap, Doo Wop music was an urban American art-form. It was sung on street-corners, in stairwells of tenement apartments, in high school toilets... and it was preserved for posterity in recording studios. Most of the performers were African American, and many of the songs were romantic - in sharp contrast to the bleak reality of urban African American life at the time. Suffice to say that these were the records that provided the soundtrack to the Rock 'n' Roll revolution... and the records that changed American and global popular music forever. - This series has been compiled and annotated by R&B music's foremost scholar, Chicago's Bill Dahl, and every song comes with detailed notes and illustrations. There have been plenty of Doo-Wop compilations, even a few Doo-Wop boxed sets, but this series is the last word on the genre. 34 tracks. Bear Family.

1.1 Remember Then
1.2 What Time Is It
1.3 Do You Love Me
1.4 Soldier Boy
1.5 You've Really Got a Hold on Me
1.6 A Wonderful Dream
1.7 I Love You
1.8 Forever
1.9 You Belong to Me
1.10 Sherry
1.11 Coney Iceland Baby
1.12 Devil in His Heart
1.13 Come on Little Angel
1.14 Village of Love
1.15 Untie Me
1.16 Tell Him
1.17 Little Young Lover
1.18 Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow
1.19 I Sold My Heart to the Junkman
1.20 Up on the Roof
1.21 Paradise
1.22 Chains
1.23 Oh What a Way to Be Loved
1.24 Do Not Hang Up
1.25 Arabia
1.26 Your Heart Belongs to Me
1.27 Hully Gully Baby
1.28 I Wish That We Were Married
1.29 Mind Over Matter (I'm Gonna Make You Mine)
1.30 There's a Love
1.31 The (Bossa Nova) Bird
1.32 I Found a Love
1.33 Twist and Shout
1.34 Looking for a Love

Complete Story of Doo Wop-1962 14 / Various: Complete Story of Doo Wop-1962 14 / Various

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