Untyin' Lost Souls / Various: Untyin' Lost Souls / Various

Various Artists: Untyin&
Title: Untyin' Lost Souls / Various
Label: CD Baby

If you are looking for a good indie hip-hop CD to peep out strong jams from cats you've never heard of... THIS IS IT! One of the many strengths of this CD is that each song has a topic and an interesting one. The songs aren't the hip-hop re-hash that's been going on for decades. Even the indie scene seems to get stuck on new things to write but this CD is your cure. Untyin' Lost Souls includes tracks from OneBeLo (formerly OneManArmy of Binary Star), Heiruspecs, and Dubphonics. This CD will work for you whether you are just getting into the genre or a seasoned vet of indie hip-hop. It's also a diverse listen. 'Untyin' Lost Souls is: a collection of songs that run through themes of social uplifting ('A Better Place' by Dubphonics), reclaiming hip-hop from corporate America ('Voice of a Generation' by Abstract Intellect), and searching for understanding in times of struggle ('Give Me Understanding' by S.U.N.). To be sure, however, all of the subject matter is not so heavy. Spitball's 'The Promoter Song' rails against bandwagon jumpers. Darkstarz's 'Beyond Oblivion' sounds like the soundtrack to an indie sci-fi film. Mystery Ink's 'Unconventional' is an eight-minute smorgasbord of rhyme schemes. ' - Fuze 'eMpyre ramireX has got to be one of the hardest working people in the Detroit area. It's his love for the local sound that keeps these compilations coming out. If you truly believe in the real sound at street-level, I suggest you support anything released on Galactic Dust Records~!!' - Tuned-out.com.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Dubphonics - a Better Place
1.3 Switch Stance - Stickerkut
1.4 Abstrakt Intellekt - Voice of a Generation
1.5 Onemanarmy - One Man's Mission (DJ Virus on the Cuts)
1.6 S.U.N. - Give Me Understanding
1.7 Heiruspecs - Braces
1.8 The Sky Gods Pt. 1
1.9 II.03 Sample the Martian - Spare Me Some Change V.3.27
1.10 Spitball - the Promoter Song
1.11 DJ Bling Masta Plastik - Hermit Company (Feat. Felix of Heiruspe
1.12 Apraxia - Sociovirus (Feat Ill Wizzard) SW Detroit Mix
1.13 Deck - Wrath of Dingo
1.14 We Are the Music Makers
1.15 Job - Take Me for a Ride
1.16 The Sky Gods Pt. 2
1.17 II.05 Samplethe Martian - the T-Virus (Electrocution Graveyard M
1.18 Intricate Dialect - Welcome to the World of a Friendly Handshake
1.19 The Sky Gods Pt. 3
1.20 II.04 Sample the Martian - Full Bore All Out Power Maximum V.11
1.21 Darkstarz - Beyond Oblivion
1.22 Mystery Ink - Unconventional
1.23 [Untitled]
1.24 [Untitled]
1.25 [Untitled]
1.26 [Untitled]
1.27 [Untitled]

Untyin' Lost Souls / Various: Untyin' Lost Souls / Various

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