Various Artists: Vol. 3-This Is Trance

Various Artists: Vol. 3-This Is Trance
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Vol. 3-This Is Trance

- The third installation in Hypnotic Recordings premiere trance compilation series, This Is Trance! - Features 3 non-stop DJ mix discs with tracks by Future Sound Of London, Astralasia, Talla 2XLC, System 7, O-Zone and special mixes by Carl Cox and Paul Van Dyk! - DJ mixes provided by Decoding Jesus, dbas(s)ed, DJ Dave Kendall and DJ Pebbles! - Previous This Is Trance compilations have combined to sell over 15,000 units in the US alone!

1.1 Intro Decoding Jesus Vs., Debas(S)Ed
1.2 I Will Survive Decoding Jesus
1.3 Piano Anthem Siren
1.4 Inside Notes DJ Giant
1.5 Changing D-Cay
1.6 Control Decoding Jesus
1.7 Refuelling II
1.8 Subsidence Paragon of Virtue
1.9 Alien (Dirty Mix) Dbas(S)Ed
1.10 Papua New Guinea (Satoshi Tomie Main-Pat Future Sound of London
1.11 Flyer Kharisma
1.12 Silence O Zone
1.13 Special World Astralasia
1.14 Dirty Cash Dbas(S)Ed
1.15 Let's Beat Milo Together Decoding Jesus
2.1 Alphaflight Ua8861 Cyberjam
2.2 Twisted Minds Psygone
2.3 Visitations Phasis
2.4 Elevator Music Out of Phase
2.5 Prologue (Cox/Van Dyk Mix) 10th Chapter
2.6 Tempel of India Shahid
2.7 World in Trouble Wave Shaping Age
2.8 Grey Spook (Westside Mix) Color Box
2.9 Solar Experience DJ BP
2.10 Jupiter (Omm to the Stars) the Dermatologist
2.11 Wave Generator Analog Communications
2.12 Alphaflight Return Ua 0905 Cyberjam
3.1 Enter the Forbidden Intro
3.2 Mischka O Zone
3.3 Eternal Mystery Talla 2XLC
3.4 Fantasia (Higher Mix) Unicorn
3.5 Look at the Stars Komoking
3.6 Gators DJ Hellfire
3.7 I Want to Dig DJ Firebomb
3.8 Space Transistor Rhythm
3.9 Outback (Philantropic Mix) Aqualite
3.10 The Penguin (NX 522 Mix) DJ Nissan
3.11 CT 6700 Viscid
3.12 Hangar 84 (Carl Cox Mix) System 7
3.13 Bass Camp DJ Psycho
3.14 Adrenaline (DJ Android Mix) DJ Chaos
3.15 U Can't Stop Fusion
3.16 Is Anybody Out There? Talla 2XLC

Various Artists: Vol. 3-This Is Trance

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