Walter Trout: Deep Trout

Walter Trout: Deep Trout
Title: Deep Trout
Label: Provogue

Most of this 15-track CD focuses on previously released material from 1989-1997, but Deep Trout also contains a bonus track that goes back to 1972 - a recording of Junior Wells' 'So Sad to Be Lonely'. Ruf. 2005.

1.1 Put It Right Back (from ' Breakin' the Rules ') (w. Trout)
1.2 Love That We Once Knew (from ' Prisoner of a Dream ')
1.3 How Much Do You Want (from ' Breakin' the Rules ') (w. Trout)
1.4 Sweet As a Flower (from ' Prisoner of a Dream ') (w. Trout / J. Trapp)
1.5 Victor the Cajun (From ' Prisoner of a Dream ') (W. Trout / J. Trapp / D. Abrams)
1.6 Kill the Monkey (from ' Transition ') (w. Trout)
1.7 Earrings on the Table (from ' Prisoner of a Dream ') (w. Trout)
1.8 Fast Moving Traffic (from ' Transition ') (w. Trout / M. B. Trout / B. Pershey)
1.9 Love in Vain (from ' Prisoner of a Dream ') (Robert Johnson)
1.10 Motivation of Love (from ' Transition ') (w. Trout)
1.11 If You Just Try (from ' No More Fish Jokes - Live') (w. Trout)
1.12 Tribute to Muddy Waters (from ' Prisoner of a Dream ') (w. Trout)
1.13 Life in the Jungle (Acoustic) (w. Trout)
1.14 Big Chain (from Freebo Album) (Freebo)
1.15 So Sad to Be Lonely (Junior Walls)

Walter Trout: Deep Trout


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