Yamama'Nym: Soularevolution

Title: Soularevolution
Label: CD Baby

\'SOULAREVOTUION is our philosophy of evolving our sound and taking YaMama\'Nym out of a box; so not only is this effort TRUE soul music but a appropiate blend of R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop and Neo Soul\' A perfect blend of Soul, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues and Hip Hop and Gospel, Yamama'nym present organic melodies with a vision to maintain a distinctive sound and still offer reverence to music's past. From feel good music to love ballads to the kind of track that makes you just want to get-up-and-do-something, the group, hand picked by producer/ writer and label owner, Tre Barr of 2A.M. Music, will bring you a quality music every time. The band got their start in the Spring of 2002 and although members have changed the toe-tapping feeling you get when you listen remains the same. Since 2002 the band has become internationally known and has traveled to places near and far to share their souls with the world. The evocative music of Yamama'nym has a '70s flavor at it's foundation with a neo-soul modern feeling to make it right for any atmosphere yet appropriate for only the mature true music lover. The debut album, 2A.M., made huge impacts nation-wide as well as abroad, in Japan, the U.K., and Europe with soulful singles like "You Still Are" and "Mr. Incredible/Invicible." The second album, Due Time, emerged in 2005 with tracks like the seven minute motivational speech "My Life" and the upbeat and ever-truthful "Just Stay (with me)" to hold it up. This album added to the flavor of Yamama'nym, a sassy, lay-it-all-bare, compilation of emotions. Brewing in the lab now, look out for the Summer 2008 release, SOULAREVOLUTION. Yamama'nym has traveled all over the United States and beyond. Their work with the USO-AFE tour has taken them to Japan, the Middle East, and Africa. YamMma'nym recently wowed our military troops and citizens off Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Qatar, Djibouti, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Outside of those tours the band has performed locally, nationally, and overseas in several different countries gaining international acclaim. They have shared the stage with such notable national recording artists as Patti Labelle, Erykah Badu, Eric Roberson, Rhian Benson, Lyfe Jennings and Alyson Williams to name a few. They can most often be seen in their home territory at venues up and down the Baltimore and Washington DC corridor. The members of Yamama'nym are just as eclectic as the music. Sam Prather is the music director for the band and is the band's longest standing member, one of the originals. Sam plays the keyboard with fervor and offers a jazz flavor to the band. KJ Dennis came to the band in 2005 and is the vocal leader for the band. He is a power crooner, a tenor that can make you feel what he's saying deep-down. Dru White is the lead guitar player and is a background vocalist. His electric guitar adds an element of funk to the blend. Cory Baker is the band's highly sought after drummer. Wardell Howell's on the bass, adding a funky baselines to the collective. And the band wouldn't be complete without their talented songstresses: Claudette Monet, a power soprano from Florida and Erica Leak, a strong alto and the newest member of the band. Together, they all have a for-real love affair with music that comes across with every note.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Strugglin'
1.3 He Makes Me
1.4 Amazed
1.5 Baby Be Mine (Souled Out)
1.6 Interview with Tre Barr
1.7 Cali Buddy
1.8 Why
1.9 Love Takes Over All
1.10 Good Love
1.11 You Still Are [Remix]
1.12 Love You from a Distance
1.13 Chance to Love You [Remix]
1.14 Not Enough to Change
1.15 Not the Same
1.16 All About You
1.17 Do You Ever Wonder
1.18 Live My Life [Wilderness of Loss]
1.19 Brothas ; Sistas

Yamama'Nym: Soularevolution

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