Zindu: Shapeshifter

Zindu: Shapeshifter
Title: Shapeshifter
Artist: Zindu
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 189394000169
Genre: Jazz

Enigmatic rhythms, hot funky fusion, and captivating melodic motives transport you through mind-bending, multidimensional sonic landscapes. Flowing improvisational grooves and tribal, psychedelic fusion incite your shapeshifting soul to new ecstatic realms of visceral bliss and musical revelation. With the release of their debut LP Shapeshifter, Zindu brings to the table their original tribal fusion music. True to it's name, this energetic, genre-crossing endeavor reveals Zindu's wide-open influences in the realms rock, jazz, funk and world music. While the song styles differ individually - from thunderous world-rock (Soko) to bouncing jam-rock/pop (Adowa) to burning Latin jazz-funk fusion (Habenero) - Shapeshifter has an overall cohesive sound that is both wondrous and unique. Zindu is an upbeat and energetically inspiring band, comprised of accomplished musicians who display versatility through years of playing with multiple genres. Based in San Diego, CA and performing at such prominent venues as Winston's, Humphrey's Backstage Lounge and The Casbah, as well as the local Baja Bash music festival; the band creates it's' own synergistic, multi-textured fusion of rock, jazz, funk & world genres. Founded in 2002, the music of Zindu has metamorphosed through various stages: tribal jazz, funk fusion, jam rock, groove exploration, psychedelic and primal, yet continually carving new sonic mazes that inspire enchantment and celebration. Their music expresses a vitality of melodic and rhythmic impulse, impelling the listener towards harmonic discovery and imaginative revelation. The underlying foundations and defining structures of the compositions are fueled through a fiery and radical coalition of drums and bass, while the sense of journey, atmosphere and expressive velocity are animated with colorful interfusions of guitar, sax and keys. The conflux of instrumentation creates an overall sound that is both cohesive and dynamic, resulting in a unique hybrid of riveting musical flavors sure to reverberate your brain into a delightful frenzy! Band Members: Salvatore Folisi: Drums, Percussion, Vocals Chris Hale: Electric Bass Billy Carnese: Electric Guitar Jeffrey Sooey: Saxophones People often ask, "So what does Zindu mean anyway?" Well ... we like to think of it as a state of mind. Probably best to let your imagination, along with the music, take you there...

1.1 Shift 1
1.2 Soko
1.3 Fling That Thing
1.4 Berzerker
1.5 Shift 2
1.6 Habenero
1.7 What Time Is It?
1.8 Pharoah's Lullaby
1.9 Shift 3
1.10 Adowa
1.11 Dream
1.12 Waiting Room
1.13 Shift 4

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Zindu: Shapeshifter


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