Jelly Roll Morton: As Artist

Jelly Roll Morton: As Artist
Title: As Artist
Label: JSP Records

Braggart, womaniser, sometime drunk, spendthrift... genius. Jelly Roll Morton had a lifestyle that would leave the most hedonistic of modern rock stars breathless. The difference, dare we say it, is that Morton was endowed with an almost limitless musical talent. So when he and his fellow musicians got into the studio they did what they were there for... they made music. No overdubs. No thirty minute star solos. No self-indulgent time-outs. And what a job they did! Seventy years after they were cut, these recordings will still impress you with their freshness and originality. If you're a fan, you'll know all this already. But fan or not, you're in for a revelation. Remastering that borders on the obsessive has released sounds not heard since these important recordings were first made. American musical history pure and simple. Unlike Mr Jelly Lord.

1.1 Black Bottom Stomp
1.2 Smoke House Blues
1.3 The Chant
1.4 Sidewalk Blues
1.5 Dead Man Blues
1.6 Steamboat Stomp
1.7 Someday Sweetheart
1.8 Grandpa's Spells
1.9 Original Jelly Roll Blues
1.10 Doctor Jazz
1.11 Cannonball Blues
1.12 Hyena Stomp
1.13 Billy Goat Stomp
1.14 Wild Man Blues
1.15 Jungle Blues
1.16 Beale Street Blues
1.17 The Pearls
1.18 Wolverine Blues
1.19 Mr. Jelly Lord
2.1 Red Hot Pepper
2.2 Deep Creek
2.3 Pep
2.4 Seattle Hunch
2.5 Frances (Fat Frances)
2.6 Freakish
2.7 Burnin' the Iceberg
2.8 Courthouse Bump
2.9 Pretty Lil
2.10 Sweet Aneta Mine
2.11 New Orleans Bump
2.12 Down My Way
2.13 Try Me Out
2.14 Tank Town Bump
2.15 Sweet Peter
2.16 Jersey Joe
2.17 Mississippi Mildred
2.18 Mint Julep
2.19 Smilin' the Blues Away
2.20 Turtle Twist
2.21 My Little Dixie Home
2.22 That's Like It Ought to Be
3.1 Each Day
3.2 If Somebody Would Only Love Me
3.3 That'll Never Do
3.4 I'm Looking for a Little Bluebird
3.5 Little Lawrence
3.6 Harmony Blues
3.7 Fussy Mabel
3.8 Ponchatrain
3.9 Oil Well
3.10 Load of Coal (Load of Cole)
3.11 Crazy Chords
3.12 Primrose Stomp
3.13 Low Gravy
3.14 Strokin' Away
3.15 Blue Blood Blues
3.16 Mushmouth Shuffle
3.17 Gambling Jack
3.18 Fickle Day Creep
4.1 The Chant
4.2 Sidewalk Blues
4.3 Dead Man Blues
4.4 Someday Sweetheart
4.5 Grandpa's Spells
4.6 Original Jelly Roll Blues
4.7 Cannonball Blues
4.8 Hyena Stomp
4.9 Billy Goat Stomp
4.10 Wild Man Blues
4.11 Jungle Blues
4.12 Beale Street Blues
4.13 The Pearls
4.14 Wolverine Blues
4.15 Georgia Swing
4.16 Kansas City Stomps
4.17 Shoe Shiner's Drag
4.18 Boogaboo
4.19 Shreveport
4.20 Mournful Serenade
5.1 Shreveport
5.2 Seattle Hunch
5.3 Freakish
5.4 Burnin' the Iceberg
5.5 Courthouse Bump
5.6 Pretty Lil
5.7 Sweet Aneta Mine
5.8 New Orleans Bump (Monrovia)
5.9 Tank Town Bump
5.10 Sweet Peter
5.11 Jersey Joe
5.12 Mississippi Mildred
5.13 Each Day
5.14 Oil Well
5.15 Load of Cole (Load of Coal)
5.16 Crazy Chords
5.17 Primrose Stomp
5.18 Strokin' Away
5.19 Blue Blood Blues
5.20 Gambling Jack

Jelly Roll Morton: As Artist

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